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Inner Cry Blues
This is a "must have" CD, so add it to your jazz collection now! All compositions are by Grachan Moncur III. This CD features Grachan on trombone an established jazz musician working with aspiring West Coast musicians, Erik Jekabson on trumpet, Mitch Marcus on tenor sax, Ben Adams on vibraphone, Lukas Vesely, on bass, and Sameer Gupta on drums.

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  A collectors item featuring the following tunes:

Hipnosis, Osmosis, Exploration, When, Air Raid, Ghost Town 


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Echoes of Prayer to Free All Political Prisoners


Echoes of Prayer to Free All Political Prisoners was commissioned from Grachan Moncur III by the Jazz Composer's Orchestra in 1972, and was presented at a Workshop concert at New York University's Loeb Student Center on April 10, 1974.



  1.  Reverend King's Wings
  2.  Medgar's Menace 
  3.  Drum Transition   
  4.  Garvey's Ghost (Space Station)  
  5.  Angela's Angel 
  6.  Right On 
  7.  Amen Cadence  
  8.  Epilogue: Excuse Me, Mr. Justice                                      



Orig.: $17.99
Sale: $15.99

Exploration/Grachan Moncur III Octet

Enjoy the singular "in" and "out" quality of the music of jazz master trombonist and composer Grachan Moncur III.


Mosaic Select Grachan Moncur III

Three exciting CD's from the music of Grachan Moncur III.


Khan Jamal Quintet
Black Awareness led by vibist Khan Jamal features trombone great Grachan Moncur III, along with reedman Byard Lancaster, bassist Dylan Thomas and drummer Dwight Jones.


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