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Celebrity Trading Place Bulletin

Jul 26, 2007

Celebrity Trading Place is a family business designed to
become a one stop shopping site for many of your needs. We
provide classic jazz, music and the spoken word, original
greeting cards, as well as fragrances,and leather bags. In
the future other products will be added. We also offer
services that you may be interested in. Please check us out
at www.celebritytradingplace.com.

Parents Unite

Toddler Tips

The terrible twos is upon you
and you don't know what to do
with those little people and their engaging grins
ready for a battle with every intent to win.

Be firm: No that's not acceptable, let's do this instead!

Be creative: Offer an alternative activity to the behavior
that you dred.

Items of interest in the activity bag:

1. An old discarded cell phone that still lights up
2. Small plastic containers (tupper ware) with lids
they can play with and touch
3. Keys on a mickey mouse chain will save the day
4. Or all kinds of gadgets to explore with and play
5. Patience is a must along with a soft firm voice
baby will trust

Don't let those big eyes fool you and psyche you out of

For children of all ages are masters of manipulation

Dance on your coffee table I think not
You are the parent or is this a fact you just plain forgot?

Future tidbits:

Is your child failing in math?

What is you life's message to your child?

Are children still children?

Once you have provided your children with quality time be
sure to do the same for yourself!

Rest & Relaxation

Diva Lounge
369 Bloomfield Ave.
Montclair, N.J.