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Music and the spoken Word


Black Boy Mothers' Blues

   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNWoBZdCn9A Stop Bashing Teachers Stop!SSsSSSSBlackBBBBBBBB



 Stop Bashing Teachers Stop!





Jesus is Black
This spoken word CD, 12 minutes of exciting poetry and rap accompanied by a driving bass line, discusses the ethnic heritage of Jesus. The facts expounded upon are based on research from the African Heritage Bible, and not meant to be racist in content.


Hipnosis III
This  exciting, dynamic, thought provoking music and spoken word CD includes trombone great Grachan Moncur III along with vocalists Ebony Carr, and Darlene Jenkins. Richard Pierson is the drummer of note, and Grachan Moncur IV, and Naunib Baillou are playing African percussions.Tamam is the pianist and the poet, as well as the arranger of this date.  She used the keyboard to simulate the sounds of other instruments.


Spiritual Voices
Spiritual Voices is a collection of 21 poems, photographs and scriptures uplifting the name of Jesus.


Dark Side of America
Five Christ centered poems dealing with life in America.


Expressions of a Newark Teacher
Expressions of a Newark Teacher by Winifred Smith Eure


72 Hours
A satire drama, captured on a DVD, that presents "a total solution to the so called race problem by the least understood members of the black community.  Finally 40 acres and a mule...


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