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                                   Recovery by Grachan Moncur IV

The pain in my heart I could not bare

as the eyes of my family would only stare

into my eyes that always lied

and I thought they weren't aware...

   A theif in the night I was not only to Brother but also to Cuz

Why can't I stay off these f____in' drugs?

Easier said than done!

As the items went one by one

I tried and tried and tried to say no...damn

By itself my body would go

and out the window another dream went

once again all my money was spent...

What am I to do? I don't have a clue...

Let God take hold of you!

Who me? Is He the light I see?

Will He show me the future I cannot percieve?

And let me know what is meant to be?

I must learn to love and trust in God above

who will guide me like a dove

and help me to accept the things I cannot change

for the past remains the same...

I must take each day one by one...

Thy will not mine please be done!


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