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Maria Farron-Quehenberger on May 6, 2014 at 8:40 AM said:

TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Tamam,

I HAVE FOUND YOU (yesterday) after so long of searching for my Berkeley High compaƱeros, I got the motherload - YOU!

Looking through your life, your career, your achievements, I had no clue back then that I was in the presence of genius, though I realized, then, that you were someone special, very well read, energetic, creative and a true leader. It always blew me away at your perfect French pronunciation. If you remember me at all, you may remember that having been born in Geneva, CH, French was my 1st language. In fact we used to laugh because your french teacher had a horrible pronunciation.

Anyway, just wanted to touch base through your guest book. Looking forward to reading your "Diary of..." Came back from Austria 25 years ago, am now in San Diego. If you Google my married name, you'll see gezillions of scientific papers written and published by my Bio-chemist hubby of 39 years.

Having been in EU for 15 years where the educational system is superb AND FREE all the way through university, I'm sure you made an impact on your students, they were very lucky to have you and teachers like you because, unfortunately, the schools here in the States suck - aren't our schools placed something like 18th or 20th in the civilized world?

I don't even listen to presidential candidates anymore for many reasons, what with their phony speaches about "Our American children need a better education..." and those very politicians send their kids to private schools. I could go on, but, first of all, I wouldn't be telling you anything you don't already know, and second I don't want to stress my Carpal Tunnel with nonsense!

In any event, I hope to hear back, though you're a very busy woman, but I could, possible, contribute to your/our causes through my graphic design experience.

In the mean time, truly hope to hear from you.

Ciao for now!

Maria Q.

PS: Where's Brenda?

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