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Diary of an Inner City Teacher

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This is the book for you!!!


Detailed Thoughts of a Good Teacher, January 11, 2009
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It focuses on the day to day life of an inner city teacher in Newark, NJ, in a not so good neighborhood. The students are described realistically, and both positive and negative traits are included. This teacher encourages them, and disciplines them when needed, and adapts her teaching to cover both required things and extracurricular activities. I found her words inspiring, and very much appreciated her outlook, which was positive and uplifting. Although discouraging things happen her way of dealing with them is to find some good, to find some way of improving.

Her entries also included her memories of growing up, and learning from her mother and her teachers, and she also discusses her life raising her children and living in the "projects", and how she made it through college and went into teaching.. Her teaching life and her own life are both honorable and show her striving to do well.

I recommend this book especially for other teachers.
An Education in Inner City Education, January 10, 2009
Dian Pitts "fiction aficionado"(Southeast, USA) - 
Tamam Moncur gives us a glimpse into a year of her life as a Math teacher in a sixth grade urban classroom. Presented in a diary format, the entries present some of the challenges, both good and bad, of a career she obviously loves. Ms. Moncur adroitly describes her students with names such as 'Likes to Show Boxers', 'Likes to Blurt Out', 'The Intellect', and 'A Really Nice Child'.

Dispersed throughout the book are Ms. Moncur's views on the reasons for some of the challenges faced by urban Schools. Without being too preachy, she touches on the effects poverty, drug use, violence and lack of parental participation have on students. The reader will recognize many of the incidents in the book as common to all school systems.

I enjoyed the book. The format was brilliant. I think it will appeal to anyone with family members, teachers or students, in the school system.
Strength amid Frustration, January 8, 2009
B. Meister "frequent reader"
Ms. Moncur is a strong woman that we should be thankful is continuing to march in a very uphill battle. Throughout this book you can feel her deep desire to provide her students with an education. There are bright moments and points during the year that give you hope that perhaps it they will out weigh the negatives. Many of the negatives that were described didn't come as a surprise to me: disruptive students, chaos from disruptions, absent parents and the presence of Anger and Apathy. Rather than be reasons not to read the book I feel they are exactly the reasons to read the book. Parents who read this will be given an opportunity to see inside the schools and a chance to view what a world of uninvolved parents is contributing too.
Schools Need More Good Teachers, January 8, 2009
Diary of an Inner City Teacher is a story about a teacher that has taught for twenty years in Newark, NJ public school system. The story talks about the teacher different experiences in the classroom. She talks about how the children of this generation are different from past generations. Tamam Moncur is passionate about teaching and wants to make a difference in her students' lives. Many of the students are dealing with so much more besides passing a test for school. There is a lot of poverty in Newark and crime. It's good to have good teachers in the system to help the kids have dreams and aspirations. I really am glad that Moncur made the readers aware of the successes and problems with the public school system. Also, I think that parents have to take more responsibility for their kids' education.